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Apr 13, 2022

Made in Germany.

More experience.
More competence.
More safety.

More from here? Better for you!

For 95 years, uvex has remained true to Germany as its production location. With its eye protection and hand protection product groups, uvex ranks among the largest manufacturers still producing in Germany and Europe. In times of global resource shortages and limited transport capacities, this locational advantage is crucial when it comes to the availability and delivery of the products.

What this means for you

High availability

Recent years have not only highlighted the advantages of global supply chains, but also the risks. Our ''Made in Germany'' products are available even when international supply sources are tight.



Perform user seal check by placing hand over the opening of cartridge, inhale gently. Less time, capacity and red tape are involved in getting your products to you than is the case with return transportation from abroad.

Maximum quality

From sustainability to durability – you can be sure that our “Made in Germany” products are produced and inspected to the highest standards.

Expertise and sustainability in the far north

uvex safety gloves, based in Lüneburg, is the uvex safety group's centre of expertise and technology for hand protection. The company not only impresses with its high technological standards in the production of hand protection solutions, but also ensures short distances between the manufacturer and the user.

Innovation – from Bavaria to the world

At our headquarters in Fürth, Bavaria, the uvex safety group has bundled product knowledge of spectacles, goggles, prescription safety spectacles and laser protection eyewear to create a globally unique eye protection centre of expertise.

Safety Glasses

UVEX i-5 safety spectacles


UVEX megasonic goggles


UVEX sportstyle spectacles

UVEX pheos cx2 spectacles

UVEX i-works spectacles


UVEX pheos spectacles


UVEX super OTG spectacles

UVEX ultrasonic goggles

UVEX ultravision wide-vision goggle



UVEX Bamboo TwinFlex D xg


UVEX phynomic pro 2


UVEX phynomic C5 cut protection glove

UVEX phynomic allround safety glove

UVEX phynomic XG safety glove


UVEX phynomic C3cut protection glove


UVEX phynomic airLite B ESD

UVEX phynomic airLite C ESD

UVEX C500 foam cut protection glove


UVEX C500 wet cut protection glove


UVEX C300 foam cut protection glove

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BG Safety Solution Sdn. Bhd. is the authorized distributor for UVEX in Malaysia.

Importance of Fit | Fit Test Methodology | Best Practices

Apr 1, 2022

Importance of Fit | Fit Test Methodology | Best Practices

''Science of Fit'' webinar dates
Session 1: 11 April 2022, Monday | 10:00 am MST
Session 2: 13 April 2022, Wednesday | 10:00 am MST



Topics to be discussed in the webinar:

Topic 1
Why fit matters?

A good fit means the respirator will seal to your skin. If the seal isn’t there, the air will go around rather than through the respirator and therefore reduce protection.
Topic 2
Why fit test?

Achieving a proper fit and seal will help you get the most protection out of your respiratory protection equipment.
Topic 3
How to fit test?
·  User Seal Check
·  Quantitative (QNFT)      and Qualitative (QLFT)      Fit Test
·  Global fit test cases
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New BG Safety Online Store Launch

Mar 8, 2022
BG Safety Online Store - New Launch

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Detect Select and Protect with 3M

Mar 1, 2022


Detect Respiratory Hazards | Select Respiratory Protection | Protect Your Workforce

“What’s in Your Air?” webinar dates
Session 1: 8 March 2022, Tuesday | 10:00 am MST
Session 2: 15 March 2022, Tuesday | 10:00 am MST

3M Science. Applied to Life.
Clean air is critical to employee safety. Learn how to detect hazards, select appropriate respiratory protection, and protect your workforce against airborne respiratory hazards.

Attend a webinar or one-on-one consultation to see if you qualify for a free hazard assessment using 3M Personal Badge Monitors*.
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Managing Worksite Risks With Personal Protective Equipment

Feb 22, 2022
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BG Safety Solution Sdn Bhd


Johor Bahru HQ

No. 17, Jalan Kempas Lama 1, Off Jalan Kempas Lama,
81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
+6075505990 (Office Tel)

+60178213320 (Office H/P) (Email Inquiry)

Central Region

No. 22A-1, First Floor, Jalan Dutamas 1, Dutamas Commercial Square,
43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia.
 +60176613833 (Office H/P) (Email Inquiry)

East Coast

No. B8, Jalan Air Putih 6, Taman Semabok,
25350 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.
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DOSH-SIRIM Certified PPE Live Webinar

Feb 7, 2022
Attend our free webinar. DOSH-SIRIM Certified PPE

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17th February 2022, Thursday at 2.30 PM

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Our Speaker

Sherlyn Voon
3M Application Engineering Specialist

What will you learn from the webinar


What is DOSH-SIRIM certified PPE and the latest updates on 3M safety products.


Latest 3M safety products technology and certified DOSH-SIRIM product range.


How to select the right DOSH-SIRIM approved safety products that are CE certified.


Answering all your doubts related to SIRIM-DOSH approved PPE in the Q&A session.


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3M The ABC of Fall Protection

Jan 17, 2022
Portwest Hi Visibility Rainwear - H440,H441,H445

Portwest Hi-Vis Rainwear

Nov 17, 2021
Portwest Hi Visibility Rainwear - H440,H441,H445

BG Safety Solution - 3M Authorized Distributor Safety Products

Nov 11, 2021
Portwest Hi Visibility Rainwear - H440,H441,H445

Lockout Tagout for Safety

Oct 20, 2021
Guardzer Lockout Tagout

Know Your Fire Extinguisher

Oct 12, 2021
SRI Fire Extinguishers

Staying Safe While Working At Height

Sep 28, 2021

Check out this cool video from 3M | DBI SALA Fall Protection

Joining Forces/The Sky's the Limit - 3M Fall Protection
Fall Protection Equipment

Disinfect and Prevent (New Product Arrival)

Sep 15, 2021

The ABCD of Fall Protection

Sep 8, 2021
3M Fall Protection - Fall Protection ABCDs
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3M EAR Flexible Fit Earplug

Aug 24, 2021

Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace

Aug 23, 2021

Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit

Aug 17, 2021
Not sure it is MDA approved? Check out the list here.
Watch the video here to learn how to do the sampling test.
Contact us today to order yours.

Beat The Heat

Aug 6, 2021

Are you an outdoor person? Check out our cool product below to protect you from UV.

Purchase the 3M PS2000 Cool Sleeve here!

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